• Geopolitics - Scottish Independence?

    Scottish independence has always been a sensitive topic. Since the times of William Wallace (1270 - 1307) and the Darien Scheme (1698 - 1700) Scotland has attempted to claim their independence from Britain.

    Geopolitics - Scottish Independence?

    Geopolitics - Scottish Independence?








     Sir William Wallace  (Mel Gibson - Braveheart)                                             Flag of the company of Scotland - The Darien Scheme

    A referendum will take place on Thursday 18 September 2014 to decide if Scotland should be an independent country. In fact following an agreement between the Scottish Government and the United Kingdom Government the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill was settled on the 21st of March 2013. There are several issues to take into account regarding the Referendum. The main ones are economic issues like currency, continuation of relations with the rest of the UK, and the membership of the country in the EU and the NATO which can be compromised by the independence.

    Geopolitics - Scottish Independence?

    Pro-indepence propaganda

    One of the big pro-independence arguments is related to the relationship of the UK with Europe. In fact, because of several EU economic crisis a big part of the Scottish population wants their country to become independent. We can also add that there is a huge nationalistic feeling in Scotland. This feeling has been a characteristic of the Scottish Culture and therefore the inhabitants of the country consider themselves as Scottish and not as British.

    Geopolitics - Scottish Independence?

    We can notice that most of the population is against the independence of Scotland. This fact can be explained by several issues that could make of Scotland a "weaker" country surrounded by economically powerful countries. The uncertainty regarding the economy, the military, the citizenship, the EU and NATO membership, etc. make of the referendum a very sensitive issue. As a consequence a big proportion of the Scottish population is uncertain whether to vote Yes or No.

    Geopolitics - Scottish Independence?

    Against Independence Propaganda

    Personally (even if I do not have the legitimate right to give my opinion on this topic) I think that Scotland should not become an independent country. In fact, I think that the decision of becoming an independent country is too risky. There is so much uncertainty regarding what is to come for Scotland that the wiser thing to do is to wait until September and see what happens!

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